Colorful Graffiti Brick Wall Backdrop Pictorial Photography Backdrop

$23.00 USD
$23.00 USD

We can do any size and your custom backdrops with no extra charge. Please contact:

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Thick Fabric(Microfiber)

Suitable size:One side no more than 5ft(1.5m)
It's seamless backdrop.Material with short fluffy.
We ship backdrop fold,but easy remove light wrinkle. They are folded not need big storage that ready to shoot at any time.
Finished edge will have a good shooting experience!!!


Thick Fabric(without fluffy)

Suitable size:One side more than 5ft(1.5m)
It's seamless backdrop.
We ship backdrop fold,but easy remove light wrinkle.
Even though this material without fluffy,have the high quality.
Clear printing,vivid pattern,bright colors!!!


Top Pocket

Our all the backdrops will sewing 7-8cm top pole pocket.
Easy to shoot by hanging.
We can custom pocket according your request.
If u need not pocket please mark in order.



Thick fabric  is soft, they are washable safe and a low ironing, you can put these backdrops in the washer and dryer to clean them. So cleaning is easy! At same time can remove the crease.
Can be used repeatedly many years.
Also can use to decoration room,party or other event.


1.Microfiber is soft and seamless.
2.It can be washed and ironed by dryer if the backdrop is dirty or has wrinkles.
3.It can be used many times, and you do not need to buy again and again.
4.Our backdrop with top pocket.
5.Digital printed, the pattern is realistic and vivid.

Product Note:
1.Due to facilitate transport and package, if have wrinkles, please wash or iron it.
2.Computer screens vary in color calibration, maybe differences between real and pictures.

Package Note:
Our package contains ONLY backdrops, and No stands or clips. It is folded.

Customized Way:
1.Please tell us the size and picture you want.

If you have any questions, please contact us by email:
Thank you!!!
What size backdrops should I choose?

We offer any size backdrops even your custom backdrop, there is no limit to the size range.

But only a few of the common dimensions are shown on the site,ranging from 3ft wide all the way to 20ft wide.

If you don't know how to choose your backdrops size,please read these questions:

  1. Full-body or waist-up?If you are planning to take full-body portraits, make sure use a rubber floor mat to match the background. Or you will need a backdrop that is long enough to extend onto the floor,we also have many backdrops include the floor that save your budget.

  2. How big is your studio space? We recommend measuring the space where you plan to use the backdrop, especially if it is for an event. It can be frustrating to show up on the day of an event, only to realize your backdrop is too big (or too small) for your venue.

  3. How many people do you plan to photograph? 1-2 People = 5ft wide 2-4 People = 6ft-8ft wide 4+ People = 8ft-10ft wide Extra Large Groups = 20ft Big Event= Custom bigger wide

Please read our size description.

All backdrop sizes are listed width by height,if the you choose the backdrop picture is horizontal version, then the larger number is the width of the size, if the picture is vertical version, then the smaller number is the width of the size.

If you need a very specific or unusual size please contact us by Email:

Starbackdrop ship to worldwide! We will notify you if there is an issue with filling your order. Please keep in mind with your Email.

Free shipping for order over $80 (Only for The United States, Canada, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand)
If you are from the other regions, please click HERE  to know more infos.

The Delivery time should be produce time add transportation time.


Printed backdrops produce time need about 1-2 days for sizes 3x5 FT, 5x6.5 FT and 5x7 FT, and about 3-6 days for other big sizes.
Europe (England, France, Germany etc): 3-6 weekdays(Don't include clearance time)

North America(USA, Canada, Mexico etc): 3-6 weekdays

Australia: 3-7 weekdays

South Africa: 4-7 weekdays

Asia(India, Japan, etc): 6-8 weekdays

South America(Brazil, Chile, Argentina etc): 6-10 weekdays

Others: 6-8 weekdays

We choose package tax express in European countries, so you don't usually have to pay it. The tariffs in Canada, Mexico, India, and Brazil is usual, and specific tariffs are regulated by the price of goods. We will try to ensure the interests of our customers.

Please note, it's your own responsibility to find out about the import tax situation in your country.

If have any problem please keep in touch with us.


Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews

Bought backdrop to use for taking photos for online selling. I have bought other ones where there are wrinkled within an inch of their life. Cant really complain for the price

madison glouner
Five Stars

I love this back drop

Charles Chatman
Great back drop for that urban scene photo shoot.

Its a great product. It feels lite but is actually good quality material. I actually like how lite it is because i didn't have to put it on a back drop stand i actually just taped it on a wall and look at the results. I luv it. I purchased another one. Have not used it yet but i already know it will be great.

Lexi Palmer
Great product Great price

Used as a backdrop for birthday, worked and looked amazing will definitely buy morel in the future

Ms. Frizzle
Love the colors!

Background looks great!The brick pattern runs the width size which is 7ft. I thought it was the other way around but I was still able to use it. I was pressed for time but made it work. It was a great addition at the birthday party.

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